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Upoznajte naš tim specijalista. I ne brinite se, zdravlje vaših zubiju i vaš osmijeh je u dobrim rukama.

Dr. Sanja Jemo
Dr. med. Dent., dental prosthetics specialist

Dr. Sanja Jemo (born. Pajdek) was born in 1972. in Split. In 1997. she graduated at School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb. In 2012, she specialized dental prosthetics at Faculty of Dental Medicine in Zagrebu. Dr. Sanja Jemo is active member of Croatian Dental Chamber and Croatian Dental Prosthetics Association.

Besides a general dentist practice in almost all areas of dental medicine Dr. Sanja Jemo specialize dental prosthetics, implant and aesthetic dentistry.

She’s active in seminars and congresses for continuous education of dentists. In some of them she has been in lecturer role.

Since 2001. she runs successful private dentist practice in Dugi Rat.

Mr. Marko Krmpotic
dental medicine master, oral surgery specialist

Marko Krmpotić was born in 1971. in Zagreb. In 1995. he graduated at School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, where in 2000 he took his professional exam in oral surgery and successfully defends his Masters thesis. From 1995 to 2006 he was employed at the Clinic for Facial, Jaw and Lip surgery, University Hospital Dubrava. Up to 2004 he was assistant to the Desk of Oral Surgery, School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb. From 2007 to 2009 he ran his private practice Medident-Krmpotić. He's the co-owner of the Medident-Adria polyclinic in Vodice.

He specializes in dental implantology, participating in training courses in Europe and USA, as well as Zagreb (1997), Opatija (1999), Padova (2001), Hannau (2002), New York (2003), Graz (2004), Bern (2005), Göteborg (2005), Kopenhagen (2006), Milano (2007), Vienna (2008), London (2008).

He's active in courses for continuous education of dentists. Since 2003. he's been active as a lecturer at seminars in the field of dental implantology in Croatia and since 2007 a part of the Astra Tech team for international education, as the head of an international working course in advanced implantology.

He has attended many national and international congresses. He has both authored and co-authored several expert and scientific works. He's a member of Croatian Dental Chamber, Croatian Dental Implantology Association, Croatian Oral Surgery Association, Croatian Maxillofacial Association, Croatian Association for Implantology Education as well as EAO – European Association for Osseointegration.

In 2003 he spent a month at New York University College of Dentistry as a visiting faculty member, where we held lectures at the Implant Department and Oral Surgery Department.

Karmen Mekinic
med. nurse

Karmen Mekinic was born 1992. in Split. She finished High Medical School in 2011, ready to pursuit carrier of medical nurse. She is member of Croatian Chamber of Medical Nurses (HKMS). As dental assistant she joined dr. Jemo team in 2013.

She is educated in areas of dental prosthetics and implant dentistry team work and work with modern dental materials and technics. Always cheerful, with a smile and understanding she is at service to our patients.